Tinman Website


Artist and sculptor Andy Haselden needed a website to display his portfolio of work. He also wanted the site to act as a point of contact.

The requirements for the Tinman website was to display all the finished sculptures and to show the preparatory sketchbook work as well. The site also needed to show a portfolio that could reach a wider audience as well as acting as a point of contact.

The layout of the site was decided upon after considering the works of art. The work stood out as unique items on their own and needed to be displayed without any distractions from other elements. This meant using a black and white colour scheme to highlight just the content of the website and lead the viewer direct to the artwork. The sculptures themselves were displayed in a lightbox gallery and were all collected into groups of related work. The sketchbooks themselves were photographed within their bookshelves and also displayed using a lightbox viewer.

The Tinman site worked well and enabled the artist to present an exhibition of his work.