Sacha Chic Boutique Website


Sacha Chic Boutique wanted an online shop that enabled them to sell their products.

The site also needed to link to a blog and social media feeds.

Sacha Chic Boutique had a clear idea about the way they wanted their site to look but also to function properly as an e-commerce site. They wanted the site to appear hand drawn and also have a french boutique style. This dictated the colour and theme of the site which had to appeal to a certain age group.

Layouts and concept drawings for the theme were produced for approval and once this was gained the site design was started. Photo shoots were arranged and all the products were photographed. These were then collated and input into the site layout. The site needed to display the products in a gallery viewer and also show other items that were connected to that product. This led to more sales as customers were aware of related products being available.

Sacha Chic Boutique also needed a blog and social media accounts creating ( Twitter, Facebook etc ). This was done as a way to help promote the website as part of an online marketing strategy.