AST Sales Promo


AST Tools wanted a promotional leaflet designing and printing, to show the latest products that were on sale.

AST needed to sell various items from their product range and decided to let their distributors know about these offers by producing a sales leaflet. The leaflet design was created to echo the style of the full product range brochures that AST already had.

All of the tools and kits were photographed and then clipped, to be placed within the leaflet layout. The layout was then made using the collated information and photographs of all of the items. Contact details and the AST branding was also added to reinforce the companies presence on the leaflet, as well as a space for the distributors stamp to be added. When the design was finished NellyB liaised with the printer to check the print proof to a satisfactory standard. Once this was achieved the 'go-ahead' was given to print the full run.

The production of the sales promo enabled AST to sell a large amount of their current tool range and in turn, invest money back into developing a new range of products.